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About the artist.

My name is Atle Berner Andersen and I have been painting since elementary school. When I turned 60 in 2009, after nearly 40 years as an art director and graphic designer, I decided it was time to do something else.
That is why I have opened a web gallery at 
The different themes in my paintings are influenced by my professional background and the graphic form and color palette is important to me. I try to aim for simplicity and clarity in the different motives, and I believe most objects have their own charm and identity.

About the paintings.

Most of my works are painted on streched canvas, but the smallest ones are painted on canvas boards. All of them are oil paintings.All of my works are in figurative tradition, and a lot of the works are still lifes. The motives varies but they are all quite simple in the design. The most importent for me is to try to give life to the work with the brush strokes and lighting. Most of my paintings are made as giclee prints on fine art paper. They are numbered and signed.
The price of the paintings start at NOK 2000,- and the prints start at NOK 700,-
If you are interested in some of my works, please send me a mail and I will be back to you as soon as possible.

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